This is the page of Jesús Julio (Chechu) Camarero Martínez team. I am a plant-forest ecologist and dendrochronologist working on growth , regeneration, dieback and mortality processes in woody plants and, particularly, in trees. We are a research group using dendrochronology, i.e. the study of tree rings in woody plants, to solve ecological questions. We are interested in deciphering the causes and consequences of drought-induced forest decline. We apply retrospective approaches for inferring how forests are responding to past and current global changes and to reconstruct past climate (dendroclimatology). We study cambial biology and xylogenesis to understand how trees form wood and how climate may affect the pace and pattern of xylem growth.

I work in the INSTITUTO PIRENAICO DE ECOLOGÍA (CSIC) as researcher.


January 1976


Zaragoza, Spain

Bachelor’s Degree

Universidad de Zaragoza

Master’s Degree

Universidad de Barcelona


Xylem project

Cambial biology and xylogenesis.

In Xylogenesis and the functional xylem anatomy of woody plants
Dendro Chechu

Reconstructing climate and forest dynamics from tree-ring proxies.

In Mortality and dynamics of Pyrenean forests
Logging road

Growth in tropical dry forests.

In Retrospective growth analyses in tropical dry forests based on dendrochronology
Tesso project

Dencroecology in high elevation forests.

In Dynamics and dieback of Pyrenean forests and treelines


Point Pattern Analyses 

(introductory talk in Spanish).

Talk on forest decline (1). 

Dept. Ecology, Univ. Barcelona (in Spanish).

Talk on forest decline (2)

Dept. Ecology, Univ. Barcelona (in Spanish).

Forests and global change. 

A talk on the effects of global change of forests (in Spanish).

Consequences of forest decline for water use in trees. 

This is an example on how declining Pyrenean silver fir forests are also decreasing their water use efficient (the water they use for uptaking carbon). Links to the comment (in Spanish) and to the paper.

Alpine treelines.

A summary about our studies on treeline dynamics in the Pyrenees (in Spanish).

My life as dendrochronologist. 

Something about the way dendrochronologists live and love science (in Spanish).

Urban trees are living trees. 

I was always interested on urban trees and how they withstand urban life (in Spanish).


Current PhD Students.


Xavier Serra Maluquer

He evaluated how growth resilience to drought depends on forest site conditions, climate and functional traits (co-supervised with Dr. Antonio Gazol Burgos).


Cristina Valeriano Peñas

She is using tree rings and growth models to better understand how trees respond to climate (co-supervised with Dr. Raúl Sánchez Salguero).

Former PhD Students.


Jorge Albuixech

He studied the relationships between growth and masting in Mediterranean oak species (co-supervised with Dr. Gabriel Montserrat-Martí).


Arben Q. Alla

He compared primary and secondary growth in Mediterranean oak species (co-supervised with Dr. Gabriel Montserrat-Martí).


Edmond Pasho

He quantified the effects of drought on vegetation activity and radial growth (co-supervised with Dr. Sergio Vicente-Serrano).


J. Diego Galván

He analyzed how climate change affects growth in Pinus uncinata high-elevation forests and how this affects tree-ring proxies (co-supervised with Dr. Emilia Gutiérrez).


Hooz Angela Mendivelso

She analyed growth dynamics and demography in a tropical dry forest (co-supervised with Dr. Pieter Zuidema).


Gabriel Sangüesa Barreda

He studied how biotic stressors (mistletoe, defoliators, beetles) drive tree growth and function (co-supervised with Dr. Juan Carlos Linares).

Current PhD Students.


Gabriel Sangüesa Barreda

Studies how biotic stressors (mistletoe, defoliators, beetles) drive tree growth and function (co-supervised with Dr. J. Carlos Linares).


Hooz Angela Mendivelso

Is analyzing growth dynamics and demography in a tropical dry forest (co-supervised with Dr. Pieter Zuidema).


Xavier Serra Maluquer

Evaluated how growth resilience to drought depends on forest site conditions, climate and functional traits.

Former PhD Students.


Jorge Albuixech

Studied the relationships between growth and masting in Mediterranean oak species (co-supervised with Dr. Gabriel Montserrat-Martí).


Arben Q. Alla

Worked on primary and secondary growth in Mediterranean oak species (co-supervised with Dr. Gabriel Montserrat-Martí).


Edmond Pasho

Quantified the effects of drought on vegetation activity and radial growth (co-supervised with Dr. Sergio Vicente-Serrano).


J. Diego Galván

Analyzed how climate change affects growth in Pinus uncinata high-elevation forests and how this affects tree-ring proxies (co-supervised with Dr. Emilia Gutiérrez).


  • Jonàs Oliva is a forest pathologist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Eryuan Liang is dendrochronologist and dendroecologist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Antonio Gazol is a postdoctoral researcher working on plant community patterns at the IPE (CSIC).
  • Juan Carlos Linares is an associate professor of ecology at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain.
  • Emilia Gutiérrez is a professor of ecology at Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Thorsten Wiegand is a Senior Scientist and serves a ecologist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, Germany.
  • Enric Batllori is an associate professor in Barcelona with who I enjoy working on treeline dynamics.
  • Pieter Zuidema is an associate professor on Forest Ecology at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.
  • Jacques Tardif is professor of ecology at University of Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Bosco Imbert is an associate professor of forest ecology at Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.
  • Lluís Coll is a forest ecologist working at the Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya, Solsona, Spain.
  • Josep Maria Espelta is a researcher at Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Alex Fajardo is a forest ecologist at Research Center of Patagonian Ecosystems, Coyhaique, Chile.


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